Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Toiling like fools
Sweat drips into pools
Of self-delusion
Gathered in confusion

Grind your time away
 Where Greed holds sway
Soon you will find
Must be left behind

You toil away at the stone, but all will be for naught
Fingers worked to the bone, but the Reaper can’t be bought

So slave away
Whips of desire at your back
You must provide
For your illusory lack

So far it is, yet so near
This end always feared

You find out too late, this morbid truth
No Escape
This is your doom, it calls for you!

So toil away, my fool, my friend
Toil right into the soil.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Petals in the water

I'm sailing on this ship
adrift, hollow with cargo
on this lonely broken ocean
a river of petals in tow

The edge of despair
my given destination
unless some word or charity
signals my salvation

I pace these dusty decks
yearning for a sign
but the rudder's locked, the petals tossed
never will you be mine

Your face surrounds me
in a blind man's sight
or shimmering in the water;
the thought alone
my companion through this night

The pit gapes ever nearer
and stoically I stand
among the water-hushed cries of timber
the petals slip through my hand

Friday, 22 July 2011


Life's narrator, day after day
Looking on in awe
Beholding a game I'll never play

Life's feast is being served
Warm words being passed along
Excluded in starving cold
My fate but to observe

Life and people, passing me by
I can't grab a loving hold
Only waving goodbye
Here in my heart so cold

Life I once scoffed at
Thinking it a folly
Now I scramble for crumbs
To sate the newfound envy

Life, they play it every day
But I'm learning now
This game I'll one day play.

Friday, 27 May 2011


There is but one genre
that ever sustains my sanity
that keeps passion aflame
and burning for eternity

Music for the mindful
Melodies for the melancholic
Ballads for the bombastic
lacking judgment and vitriol
Metal for the downtrodden
to lift them up on high
Metal for the heartbroken
to quell the sea of sighs
Metal for the furious
to divert the thorned rage
Metal for the wanderers
to lift the sombre haze

Music to inspire thought,
passion,joy and awe
it troubles this music nought
to the coldest heart thaw
Music to tell stories
of love and fear and death
Music that I will chant for
with my dying breath.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Am I the only one who detects a distinct lack of emotion in Christians these days? I am referring specifically to the "music" that gospel artists regurgitate. The music they produce is insincere  and follows certain formulas which are not hard to notice. This is how I see the average gospel song...

Use words like AWESOME and HOLY a lot.
Add extra timbre to your voice for just that hint of false emotion.
Use live recordings for the "manic crowd chanting" effect to encourage victims to sing along.
Croak once or twice as if you were choked up with emotion.
Chorus is longer/ repeats more than other lyrics.

Now I would just like to add that I am not against the idea of Gospel music. It's just that the genre has come to embody all that I despise in the music industry. The opinion seems to rule that the musicality and effort can be sub-par "because it's Gospel and it's the message that counts". You are kidding right? If you DO have talent (not all Gospel artists do eg.YOU Afrikaans singers) then surely you should make the BEST POSSIBLE music, not just crank out multiple musical travesty's and sell records. I think Gospel artists should focus more on praising and less on sales figures. I'd rather create a musical masterpiece which I would feel proud to present to the Lord personally. I don't think the constant riffing along the lines of "Hallelujah" impresses, do you? It's stale and fails to attract the people it should i.e. NON CHRISTIANS. How many people have been converted by Kurt Darren? Or even Hillsong (I have enormous respect for them, but they aren't very creative.They are close to doing it right though)? Skeptics are really annoyed by gospel because it is generally a lower class of music than they listen to. The mindless repetitiveness and melodrama isn't helping.

Another question: why do I find myself singing along with Satanist Black Metal lyrics, conceding an anti-Church point here and there, yet Gospel annoys the living communion out of me? Easy, better music and a format that appeals to me which is in this case aggressive metal music. I am what I define as a CCC or Carefully Confessed Christian. My faith in the Lord is growing slowly, but my trust in His Church fades daily. Actually, my faith in Christians is fading. Because Christianity is the largest religion in the world, and yet the world is a WORSE place for it. Name one Satanist who was responsible for the mass slaughtering of innocents? I can name quite a few Christians..Hell I know a couple of Satanists and they are confident without being arrogant, fair and care more for people than the average person. And not because some book tells them to, but because they care.

Don't get me wrong, I don't support Satanism. But I feel that if it weren't for Christian bigotry and hypocrisy then they might still be Christians. Because they all hate the Church. The Church which quashes individualism, condemns people who wear black and listen to certain types of music. The Church which is full of people who wouldn't tell a stranger the time of day, let alone help him in his time of need. Selflessness is rare in the Church, but paedophilia and corruption is increasingly prominent...nice.

So I propose a revival of emotion, of love but also of assertiveness and embracing. Assert your Christianity and spread the message in your own way. Don't condemn those who are good, but also like to enjoy themselves. It IS allowed. In fact I'll sum it up in this fashion:

Praise the Lord.
Fuck mediocrity.
Fuck the Church System.


Refer to my poem the Persecuted for further insight.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Dancing Smiles

I stare at this picture
you adorn it and so do they
but in this falsely cheerful mixture
never a part will I play

The desire I once entertained
to dance your dance of masks
has inevitably faded now
as has your cunning masquerade

How I despise conversing
with your facade ever entertaining
my words but not my aims
How I despise your games

How can I believe a word you say
bearing knowledge of this game we play?
How am I to distinguish the sincere
from the lies you hold dear?

you and your friends can dance
dance the remainder away
but in your world of uncertainty
do not expect me to stay.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011


I am closed, sorry, no-one's here
mind turned in on itself, a steel sphere
nothing gets in, nothing gets out
fields of enthusiasm suffering of drought
tendrils of life, choked of water
humour lost, now only pale laughter
breaks the stalemate on the mental front
as shattered thoughts bear the brunt,
bedraggled, dog-tired and peering out
of trenches, fearing a possible rout,

Relief is imminent and yet never near enough
minor skirmishes drag on emotions rough
and the constant cumulative chatter
on the nerves they ceaselessly batter
on the constant shell-shock overdosed
walk now with balled fists closed
like me.


I would also call this the Ballad of the Cynic.
This is how I think.